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Neuro-Programmer 3 (Software)


I just love Neuro Programmer 3. I have purchased and used a lot of brainwave entrainment tools over the years and Neuro Programmer is one I always go back to. Whether I need a quick buzz of beta to get me energized in the morning or a relaxing dip into sub-delta for HGH release in the evening, I know I could count on this ultra-versatile tool. And now the latest version, Neuro Programmer 3, is even better. It is so feature-rich and so comprehensive I just can’t believe they’re charging such a low price for it. But I’m not complaining, nor hundreds of satisfied users I’m sure. So let’s go ahead and dive in…

Watch a brief overview of what Neuro Programmer 3 is all about.

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Out of the Box: 120+ High Quality Sessions

The Neuro Programmer 3 comes built in with over 120 top quality audio/visual sessions that address a huge variety of purposes: from relaxation, hypnosis and meditation to enhancing cognition, IQ and learning, and helping with mood disorders. A session is an audio/visual experience, often consisting of relaxing sounds and, optionally, visual effects coming from the screen or connected to LED light glasses (the visual devices do not come with Neuro Programmer). Sessions of all types are included: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma and more complex protocols

The built-in sessions include:

  • Addiction (4 sessions)
  • Anxiety (6 sessions)
  • Athletic Performance (6 sessions)
  • Cognition – Attention (6 sessions)
  • Energy – Motivation (5 sessions)
  • General Brainwaves (8 sessions)
  • Headaches – Migraines (4 sessions)
  • Healing – Well Being (5 sessions)
  • Meditation – Relaxation (43 sessions)
  • Mood (4 sessions)
  • Self-Programming (16 sessions) – excellent for affirmations, suggestions, hypnosis scripts
  • Sleep – Insomnia (8 sessions)
  • Studying – Learning (7 sessions)

Plus, you can download more sessions shared by members of the community.

Most of these sessions do not require a headphone, except the ones that use binaural beats (and Neuro Programmer 3 lets you know which ones they are). However, a headphone makes all of them more effective. The Neuro Programmer 3 makes it super easy to export a session you like. Just one push of a button and you have a file you can import into your favorite iPod/mp3 player or to create a CD to play with your boombox.

Record Your Own Affirmations/Suggestions/Scripts

While Neuro Programmer 3 comes with built-in affirmations and suggestions that you can add into your sessions, you can easily record your own using the recording feature. You can do this in two ways: record with your own voice using the Microphone recorder with noise reduction, or use the text-to-speech (TTS) editor. With TTS, Neuro-Programmer comes pre-installed with Microsoft voices. On Windows XP, Microsoft Sam is usually installed. On Windows 7 and Vista, Microsoft Anna is usually installed. Microsoft’s voices are not at all realistic and sound robot-like. If you want to use the TTS feature for your affirmations and suggestions, we recommend NeoSpeech and AT&T Natural voices. They are excellent quality voices and in many cases indistinguishable from microphone recordings.

Anyway, unless you dislike your own voice for some reason, there are those who say that using your own voice for your affirmations and self-suggestions are probably more effective.

In addition to affirmations and suggestions, you can also use hypnosis scripts with your self-programming sessions. There are some hypnosis scripts you can download from the member’s area contributed by the community. You can also add/record your own hypnosis scripts. If you have a recorded or written script you have obtained elsewhere, you can easily add or record it with Neuro Programmer 3. (An excellent source of hypnosis scripts I use is Hypnosis Downloads.)

Design Your Own Sessions (Ultimate Version Only)

This feature is super. With over 120 sessions that cover just about every purpose already included with Neuro Programmer 3 you may not feel the need to create your own. For a long time I only used these built-in sessions. It’s only recently that I’ve been experimenting with sessions of my own. This is perfect for brainwave entrainment enthusiasts and those who want to tinker/tweak sessions to suit their needs. You won’t believe how simple and easy it is to create your own sessions or edit the existing ones—no need to be a tech geek. It’s actually fun to play around with the frequencies and see what kind of effects you can come up with (although I’d only recommend doing this once you’ve had some experience with brainwave entrainment). You can then share your custom session to the community if you so desire. One of the more popular downloads in the resource/library section, for example, is a custom session shared by a member that emulates the Holosync program.

If you don’t think you need this feature right now, you can go ahead and get the regular version—a complete program in itself. Once you start getting the urge to tinker with your own sessions, you can always upgrade to the ultimate version.

Screen Visuals for Enhanced Effects

As an option, you can turn on the screen flashing that synchronizes with your audio session for additional entrainment influence. Sort of having a mind machine. You can also install hypnotic visual plugins that can enhance your experience as well. All included with Neuro Programmer 3. Truth be told I haven’t been drawn to using visuals. I’m content with using audio by itself. But other people can attest to the power of the visuals.

AudioStrobe-compatible for Photic Stimulation

AudioStrobe is not required to use with Neuro Programmer 3. The audio sessions are quite sufficient by themselves. But for an added effect to enhance your sessions, and you can spare the change to buy the Light & Sound decoder and glasses (or if you already own them), this is a wonderful option.

Optimize Your Sessions with Biofeedback

This is new with the latest version 3 of Neuro Programmer 3 and it is really cool. Using a supported biofeedback device, Neuro Programmer 3 will collect biofeedback data during a session and analyze them later to optimize the frequencies for your needs. The more you use a session, the more effective it becomes. Supported devices include the IOMS device (comes with Healing Rhythms), The Lightstone device (comes with Wild Divine), and the Thoughtstream device.

So How Much Does It Cost and Is It Worth the Price?

There are two versions of Neuro Programmer 3: the Regular version, and the Ultimate version. The two are exactly the same except for the added capability to edit/create your own sessions with the Ultimate version. Frankly, I’d recommend the Ultimate version. But even if you get the Regular version now, you can always upgrade later. Worth ten times the price, even more. As someone who had bought a number of expensive brainwave entrainment products over the years (with a few that cost hundreds of dollars apiece), I can say without hesitation that Neuro Programmer 3 is top of the line and definitely a steal at $59.99 (Regular) and $89.99 (Ultimate). And, of course, there is a free trial you can download.

Is There a Money-back Guarantee?

Yes, there is a 90-day money back guarantee. Three months is plenty of time to see if you benefit from using the software. Although you can feel the effects and experience the results you intend it for in a short period of using this tool, you have 90 days to really check it out and decide whether it is for you. That’s a great deal.


Neuro Programmer 3 Features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Over 120 High Quality Audio/Visual Sessions
  • Ability to export any session to MP3, OGG or WAV
  • Microphone Recording & Text-To-Speech Tools
  • Hypnosis Scripts and Editing Tools (including Dual Induction!)
  • Create your own sessions (ultimate version only) – includes session editing / creation tools and session templates.
  • Built-In selection of Affirmations / Suggestions / Sound Files and Scripts
  • Connect to AudioStrobe devices
  • Use Biofeedback to optimize neural stimulation
  • Extensive 200+ page documentation (digital help file) and video tutorials
  • Instant Access to the Member’s Area and Resource Library

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Brainwave Entrainment Session Protocols:

  • Gamma
  • Beta
  • Alpha
  • Theta
  • Delta

Brainwave Entrainment Methods used:

  • Binaural beats
  • Isochronic tones
  • Monaural tones
  • Modulations
  • Filters
  • Screen flashing
  • AudioStrobe (focused photic stimulation) – LED glasses not included

A Few Words About the Company

The creator of Neuro Programmer, Transparent Corporation, is an international collective of researchers, analysts, engineers and enthusiasts brought together by a common interest in brainwave entrainment, biofeedback, psychology and hypnosis. Pooling their knowledge and talents, they have endeavored to create the most effective brain stimulation products on the market today, based on solid research and thorough testing. The people at Transparent are avid users of mind technology and are dedicated to science and the further exploration of human potential.

User Reviews

What Other People Are Saying

The Neuro Programmer brainwave entrainment software has received rave reviews from users and professionals alike. Here are some snippets of the comments to date:

  • “The most powerful self-programming software that I have come across.”
  • “Neuro Programmer 3is at the TOP of its field… There are no other leaders in this industry other than this program.”
  • “The insomnia session has proved to be quite helpful to me. Better than Ambien.”
  • “I love the flexibility of the software compared to other brain entrainment machines.”
  • “I am very impressed with the software – it is much more comprehensive and inventive than I imagined.”
  • “I have to state that it has been the single most powerful tool I have used and have experienced incredible success at work, my social life and sporting life.”
  • “Very well built program…best I’ve seen in my 6-7 years of playing around with brainwave stimulation and mind work. Top notch!”
  • “I have seriously tried three of the leading companies marketing [brainwave entrainment] CDs. Obviously, there has been some benefit. But with the Neuro Programmer 3programme the benefits are very pronounced.” (You can view more testimonials here.)

One of my favorites is from a medical doctor who used a couple of Neuro Programmer sessions to help with her own surgery. People have quit smoking, improved their productivity, improved their sleep, relieved stress and anxiety, become more creative, helped with learning a new language, and many others. You can read more testimonials at the Neuro Programmer site.

FREE Trial

Here’s How to Get the Latest Version of Neuro Programmer 3 – for FREE!

There’s a free two-week trial of Neuro Programmer 3 that you can download today. The software operates on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7. There is no Mac version at the moment, but hundreds of Mac users have used Parallels to run Neuro Programmer 3 or any other Windows program with success.

Product: Neuro-Programmer 3
Type: Software
Author: Transparent Corp.
Version: 3
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8
Summary: Neuro-Programmer 3 is a software application that combines brainwave entrainment and applied psychology.
Price: $59.99
FREE Demo: Same as Free Trial
FREE Trial: 2 Weeks
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If you are a current or past user of Neuro-Programmer 3, you can post your own review below. Thank you.

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