Clear-Mind – “Heartwave” Entrainment Audio Program
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Clear-Mind – “Heartwave” Entrainment Audio Program


This one surprised me. The promise of Clear-Mind™ is that it is the first meditation program that helps not just your mind, but your Heart as well. Although you listen to it like a normal brainwave entrainment audio, Clear-Mind “allows you to tap into the power of your Heartwaves™ and the energy of your entire body and energy system.”

I was skeptical at first, having been an avid user of brainwave entrainment technologies over the years. So when I started listening to the demo, I wasn’t expecting much. How could listening to an audio pulsing into your head entrain your “heartwaves,” so to speak.

After several minutes into the session, however, suddenly my mind fell silent. It was as if coming to a clearing after trudging through the woods. I felt light. And I felt happy. Whereas with brainwave entrainment I would usually feel the stimulation on my brain, with Clear-Mind I did feel that my heart and my whole body was in alignment. It was different. Needless to say, I was impressed and purchased the program.

Unichord™ Sound Technology: Tapping into the Power of Heartwaves

Clear-Mind connects mind and heart

Clear-Mind uses a new technology called the Unichord™. Beneath the ocean waves that you hear are a special blend of scientifically proven frequencies that stimulate your entire energy system, not just the brain.

While listening to Clear-Mind, the Uni-Chord™ sound technology activates the connection between your mind and your heart by stimulating what’s called the Atrial Natriuretic Factor (or ANF). ANF is the core hormone that the heart sends the brain to decrease stress, reduce blood pressure and open up the arteries.

Studies done by Dr. Paul Pearsall, The Institute of Heartmath and many other respected leaders in the field of Mind/Body Medicine have shown that the Heartwaves are more powerful than brainwaves and with new advances in mind body medicine, scientists are in agreement that the new frontier is the power of the Heartwave™. Heartwaves are the waves that your heart produces when you feel feelings of love, gratitude and being in the Present Moment.

Listening to Clear-Mind™ helps produce the “feel good” hormones, the endorphins, throughout your entire body, helping to reduce stress and create feelings of calmness, clarity and optimism. This seems to correlate well with my experience.

In  less than 15 minutes of listening, Clear-Mind also helps to restore your brain’s sodium and potassium balance which can be unbalanced by stress and mental fatigue.

Benefits of Using Clear-Mind

Here are some of the things that you may expect to experience when using Clear-Mind on a regular basis, according to its creators.

  • Immediate stress relief, and a relaxed state of mind and body within minutes
  • Deep restful sleep
  • Increased creativity, advanced learning states, and improved memory
  • Bypass the self-sabotaging left brain filters and increasing your mind’s effectiveness
  • Inner clarity, feelings of confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop the witnessing aspect of yourself, the Observer, that can help you see things in with new clarity and perspective
  • Tapping the unused 90% of your mind that will help you in your career, your finances, your health and your relationships
  • Produce natural Endorphins (the “feel good” hormone) that help reduce stress and make you feel calm, optimistic and vibrantly healthy
  • Helps to restore your brain’s sodium and potassium balance undermined by stress and mental fatigue
  • Increased and balanced connection between your mind and your Heart, giving you a greater sense of peace and clarity, and the same kind of inspired thought patterns often associated with creative geniuses such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Albert Einstein, Socrates and more
  • Stimulates creation of new neural connections between your brain and Heart which promotes deep meditation and immediate stress relief
  • Remain calm in any situation – even when things begin to overwhelm you.
  • Harmony in body, mind, emotions and spirit

Clear-Mind is designed to be 3 tools in one:

  1. As a meditation tool – helps deepen the connection between your mind and Heart. In less than 20 minutes a day, you’ll save time compared to other meditation methods.
  2. As a learning tool – helps you to increase your creativity and peak performance, comprehension and understanding of any learning material.
  3. As an emotional clearing tool – helps accelerate emotional clearing when used in conjunction with EFT, TFT, TAT, Essence Method, Sedona Method or other emotional clearing techniques.


Here’s what you get with the Clear- Mind™ Kit:

Clear-Mind Audio Program

The Full Clear-Mind™Audio CD program
Featuring the Uni-Chord™ sound technology which activates the connection between the mind and heart. Includes two tracks in both downloadable and CD versions.

Audio Coaching Sessions
Includes 2 special audio trainings with the creator of Clear-Mind™ – Paul Bauer. Paul will take you through the most important elements of Clear-Mind™ and how to get the maximum benefit from it.

Heartwaves Guided Imagery By Susan Castle
Susan is a Radiant Heart Therapist and Guided Imagery Expert. The Heartwaves guided imagery enables you to easily and effortlessly tap into the power of your Heartwaves and experience a deeper sense of inner peace.

User Reviews

What People Are Saying

“Clear-Mind is like gold to me. The first time I ever used it, I was able to sleep the entire night (I’ve had insomnia for years). I haven’t felt this good in a long time!”
- Belita Swan, Ottawa Ontario

“Clear Mind has been one of the best tools to have found me. It has become a magical tool for me and I use it before sleep at night, and during the day when I need answers. It takes me to a higher state of meditation and does what it is called, it clears the mind.”
- Bonnie James, Ofallon, IL

“Clear-Mind makes meditating easy. I feel so new and refreshed after listening to clear mind, I love it. I feel a “peaceness” about my life now.”
- Marlo Brewitz, St. Paul, MN

“The first time I used Clear-Mind I experience profound peace and clarity within minutes. I have been using it now for 2 weeks two times a day. I have been feeling calm and centered most of the day. I am able to listen to my children with more patience and understanding. I catch myself much quicker when I do get caught up in my mind. One of my children, my 5 year old boy, asked me the other night why I had become so kind. I still have tears in my eyes when I think of that.”
- Lorenz Buswell, Switzerland

Read more user reviews here.

FREE Demo and Trial

Clear-Mind offers a free demo and a 21-day FREE Trial. You can listen to the free online demo here. (Scroll down the page a bit and click on the demo link.)

Product: Clear-Mind
Type: Audio (Download, CD)
Author: Paul Bauer of Dreams Alive
Summary:Clear-Mind is an entrainment audio program using a unique sound technology which activates the connection between the mind and heart
Price: $97.00
FREE Demo: Yes
FREE Trial: 21 Days
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If you are a current or past user of Clear-Mind, you can post your own review below. Thank you.

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