Brain Evolution System (BrainEv) Audio Program
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Brain Evolution System (BrainEv) Audio Program


The Brain Evolution System (BrainEv for short) is one of the better and well-designed brainwave entrainment programs available on the market today. Their marketing takes a more assertive approach but don’t let that take away from the validity and effectiveness of the product. The creators of this program really go all out to provide the support and assistance to keep their users happy. But best of all, the program just plain works. This is not just an audio you listen to to relax and de-stress, although that’s easily a natural result of using the program. The Brain Evolution System is more like a ‘brain gym,’ designed to progressively train the brain towards higher levels of functioning.

Watch a brief overview with the developer Michael Kelly to get an idea of what BrainEv is all about.

If you’re in a hurry, you can download the
FREE Demo of the Brain Evolution System here.

The Brain Evolution System Aims to Provide These Benefits:

  • Deep meditation, usually only possible after years of practice
  • Sharp, flexible mind, to enjoy greater advantages in business and your career
  • Convert stress into calm, peaceful, state of being
  • Increased creativity and achievement of peak mental states
  • Improve relationships, connecting at a deeper, natural level
  • Designed to produce both short- and long-term results. Initial results achieved quickly, often with first use
  • And more

In just six months of using the Brain Evolution System, users are able to reach advanced states of mind and a level of performance that previously required years, even decades, of meditative practice and/or personal development work.

EEG Readings After 15 Minutes of Using BrainEv

Check out this graph that shows you what happens when you listen to BrainEv in a short period of time.

Brainwaves after 15 minutes of using BrainEv

The numbers you see at the bottom of the graphs (0-40 Hz) indicate the brainwave frequencies. The image on the left shows more of the agitated faster beta frequencies, while the image on the right shows more of the slower alpha and theta waves, indicating a much calmer, more relaxed, and deeper state of mind.

3P DEAP Technology: BrainEv’s “Secret Sauce”

So what sets Brainev apart from many other brainwave entrainment products? The Brain Evolution System uses three different brainwave entrainment technologies combined to make up The 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process (3P D.E.A.P.). The 3P DEAP is designed to match the brain’s dynamic, constantly changing nature. Since the brain does not follow a simple pattern, the brainwave entrainment stimuli should be equally as dynamic, moving and shifting – matching the brain’s natural processing. And the Brain Evolution System seeks to accomplish just that.

Brain Evolution System Entrainment Map

The above graph shows a highly-simplified “Entrainment Map” for the entire six-level Brain Evolution System. As you can see, the entrainment frequencies shift and move quite variably throughout the program. You can also see that several layers of entrainment are applied (indicated by the blue arcs and horizontal lines above), to help attract the multiple frequencies of the brain itself.

Here are the three audio entrainment technologies utilized within the Brain Evolution System:

  1. Binaural Brainwave Entrainment
    This is the original and most popular brainwave entrainment technology. Two separate and distinct tones are introduced, one to each ear, and the brain detects and ‘produces’ a 3rd tone which is the difference between the original two. Say, for example, one ear hears a 400 Hz and the other hears a 410 Hz tone. The brain detects the 10 Hz difference between the two, and is processed as an electrical signal. Continual hearing of this ‘phantom’ signal, which is created by both sides of the brain working in unison, eventually leads to a state called hemispheric or ‘whole brain’ synchronization.
  2. Rhythmic Brainwave Entrainment (Including Isochronic Tones)
    As the name implies, the rhythmic layer uses audio entrainment pulses or rhythms that help entrain the brain with frequencies that match the ‘phantom’ signal produced by the binaural process mentioned above. This secondary layer further helps entrain the brain to the desired state.
  3. Temporal Brainwave Entrainment
    This is a cool entrainment method that recognizes the fact that the brainwaves are never static. The temporal entrainment uses the brain’s distinction of time and speed to direct it towards the varying entrainment rates that ebb and flow throughout each disc. This effectively optimizes the first two entrainment methods mentioned above.This is accomplished by copying, stretching or compressing several segments of the lush soundscapes you hear in the program. They are then layered and superimposed to create shifts in the time and tonality of audio effects. This audio augmentation occurs at very specific points along the entrainment sequence, allowing your brain to match the overall entrainment rates with ease.
    It all sounds complicated but in simpler terms, this means that when a binaural frequency moves from 15 Hz to 10 Hz, for example, there will be a rhythmic entrainment track that matches that change, slowing in unison. Furthermore, the temporal entrainment tracks follow each binaural change by elongating and lowering audio tone to match the slope of the diminishing entrainment rates.

How the BrainEv Works

In this video, BrainEv developer Michael Kelley provides a brief history of brainwave entrainment and how BrainEv works.


BrainEv’s Features

  • Lush natural soundscapes recorded with crystal clear fidelity (not digitally created soundscapes, but actual sounds from nature)
  • Digitally mastered audio, each level containing over 100 separate audio tracks
  • Multiple brainwave entrainment stimuli unified by the cutting edge 3P D.E.A.P technology
  • Dynamic brainwave entrainment rates that gently adjust frequencies towards advanced brainwave states
  • Broad range of benefits built into 6 unique training programs, each designed to refine brain power and build self-mastery
  • Each level is only 30 minutes long to fit flexibly within your day
  • In addition to the 6 disc box set, each 30 minute session is available for download into your iPod, MP3 or media player

User Reviews

Some User Reviews:

“I’ve played with various types of entrainment tools for years. Some of them have worked amazingly well for me. Some of them had no effect whatsoever. BrainEv was one of the few that worked amazingly well. I’d definitely recommend giving it a shot.”
- Mark Joyner, #1 best-selling author of “Simpleology”

“After only a few weeks of use, my patients have been noticing a difference in me. I have a longer concentration span and my turnover has doubled in the last 4 months… I was concerned I wouldn’t find time to use the system, but really the system made time for me… I became effective, calmer and happier after only a couple of weeks use… I just wish I had the Brain Evolution system years ago.”
- Dr. Gavin Young Bsc (Hons) DC, Chiropractor, Yorkshire

“I’ve been using the Brain Evolution System for 6 months now. It’s helped me sleep better and keep me focused on the goals I’ve been wanting to achieve. [Thanks to BrainEv] I’ve been completing every goal set before me. It truly does work!”
- Jeremy Marcotte, BrainEv user

“I will finish my journey through the BrainEv system this Thursday. Undoutedly, the experience is incredible! What I’ve realized is that my concentration is greatly improved than before. I can sit for close to three hours on a task without realizing it. Before then, I could hardly go through an hour of intense concentration without having a break.”
- Dr Otieno Fredrick Onyango, Head of Physics Department,
- Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

FREE Demo and Trial

Download the FREE Demo and try the first level out for 30 days free and see for yourself what the Brain Evolution System can do for you.

What the Brain Evolution System Offers:

Free 30-day trial
This gives you unlimited access to Level 1 of the Brain Evolution System, test it out for a full month and experience the results.

5 Advanced Levels
If you decide to purchase the entire program, you receive the 5 remaining levels on MP3s which you can download immediately. All levels are designed to be listened in sequence and each level builds on the effects of the prior levels, taking you deeper and delivering more powerful results.

Entire BrainEv Package delivered to you in CDs
In addition to the MP3s which you can immediately download, you also received the CD versions along with the user guide. Currently, they are offering free international shipping.

6-Month Video Support
To assist you in maximizing the use of the program, you will receive video guides to each of the Brain Evolution System levels. You will also receive news and features related to each level.

Lifetime Support
The BrainEv team will also provide you access to their brainwave entrainment specialists, including its creator Michael Kelley, to answer any questions you may have about the program.

Full 7-Month Guarantee
Here’s the clincher. The BrainEv team is very confident that you will love the program that they are willing to offer this crazy guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason with the Brain Evolution System, you can simply return it in any condition within 7 months for a full refund.

Product: Brain Evolution System (BrainEv)
Type: Audio (CD/MP3 Download)
Author: Inspire3 Ltd
Summary: The Brain Evolution System is a 6-level brainwave entrainment and self-development technology designed to “train” the brain towards peak brainwave states.
Price: $99.00 x 3 monthly payments
FREE Demo: Yes
FREE Trial: 30 Days
Visit website

If you are a current or past user of Brain Evolution System, you can post your own review below. Thank you.

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