Brain Evolution System (BrainEv) Audio Program Review

Posted by: bwentrainment9 on October 26, 2012 Under: Blog, Brainwave Entrainment Audio (CDs/MP3s)

Over the years, there have been many entrainment methods developed and utilized in order to affect the brain waves and lead the mind to certain desired states and experiences: from the traditional binaural beats to isochronic tones, to the more sophisticated modalities that modern technology provide today. A lot of them, however, rely on a more or less fixed or static kind of stimulation, whereby the brain is exposed to the same frequencies over a period of time, no matter how many layers there may be. There is no question that this method works, as is evidenced by clinical triials and user feedback over the years. But it often is not consistent, as the human brain is not static. The Brain Eolution System was designed to match the brain’s dynamic, continually changing nature with its uniquely developed technology in order to more effectively entrain the brain towards the desired, peak levels of functioning. Very interesting approach, and you have to try it in order to appreciate it. Read more of our Brain Evolution System review for more juicy details.

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